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Q2 2011 - Keeping Rail on Track

  • Pacific Resource Partnership Takes Advocacy Online - Pacific Resource Partnership joins the social media craze by launching a rail advocacy campaign on Twitter and Facebook. PRP kicked off the campaign in May with a tweet up event for local social media influencers with updates on the project and the benefits of transit-oriented development (TOD) from key rail advocates.Read more.
  • Executive Director's Message - "The Pacific Resource Partnership strongly believes a future without rail isn’t one we can afford. Nor can future generations." -- John White. Read more.

Q1 2011 - Federal Construction Projects in Hawaii

  • When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going - Our state’s tough economy and the downturn in the housing market has proven difficult for our local contractors. But thanks to Hawaii’s congressional delegation and support of our federal government, many of Hawaii’s contractors found steady work building federal projects that have enabled them to persevere through these difficult times and even thrive.Read more.
  • Executive Director's Message - "The challenges ahead are daunting, but PRP is well-positioned to assist our partners in construction to increase job opportunities that move our economy forward and help shape the course of our state for decades to come." -- John White. Read more.



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