Look around and chances are you’ll see our work. At PRP, we represent the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, the largest construction union in the state, and over 240 diverse contractors ranging from mom-and-pop owned businesses to national companies. We’re the backbone of Hawaii’s construction industry and you’ll find us on every island, building homes and businesses, creating neighborhoods and revitalizing communities, strengthening infrastructure and shaping the face of things to come.


Our unique partnership of labor and management makes us an influential voice for responsible construction in Hawaii. Through our considerable expertise in research, industry relations and project advocacy, we help guide the community toward a stronger, more sustainable Hawaii in a way that promotes a vibrant economy, creates jobs and enhances the quality of life for all residents.


Creating a stronger, more sustainable Hawaii can’t be achieved by one organization. It requires a broad commitment from all—government officials, business people, educators, environmentalists, parents and concerned citizens from all islands and all walks of life—to work together toward this common goal and make a difference for generations to come.