There are many points-of-view about the issues facing our community. The best way to understand them all is to listen.
Hawaii Perspectives

We collaborate with the Hawaii Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and others to identify issues that are important to our state. Hawaii Perspectives is a public opinion survey of local residents that gauges consumer confidence and monitors public attitudes toward topics such as Hawaii’s cost of living, traffic and housing.


Combined with questions about consumer spending and saving decisions, the results from these surveys paint a picture of future expectations for our economy. Trending issues are tracked on a regular basis to determine whether perceptions are changing and, if so, why.


Data from the survey can also be used as a framework to guide public policy changes to better reflect community sentiment. For example, the findings from our Fall 2013 Hawaii Perspectives provided insight into residents’ perception about the importance of the U.S. military to Hawaii’s economy by revealing that a strong majority supports continued military exercises.


  • Monitors public sentiment and underlying issues
  • Provides informed rationale for advocacy efforts
  • Provides a more comprehensive approach through partnerships


Proper research ensures peoples’ voices are heard.