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By helping to address issues such as clean energy, traffic congestion, jobs and housing, rail will transport Oahu into the future.

Much of our work involves guiding public policies to ensure Hawaii residents have choices about the kind of community they want to live in and the type of home they can afford.


We see rail transit as a transformational project for Honolulu by setting the course for Oahu’s social, economic and environmental future. As the foundation for integrated communities, it offers a responsible way to meet the demand for more housing, generate jobs, improve the quality of life for commuters and lessen our state’s dependence on foreign oil. And for all of us who treasure Hawaii’s wide-open spaces, it offers a way to “keep the country, country.”


In 2012, we launched I Mua Rail, a multi-media campaign designed to engage supporters of Honolulu’s Rail Transit project. By understanding deeply ingrained values and concerns surrounding rail transit, we continue to help the community envision the future of Oahu in a way that is tangible and meaningful.


  • Lays the foundation for integrated communities, also known as Transit-Oriented Development
  • Improves the quality of life for residents
  • Protects natural resources and reduces the state’s need for imported oil

Honolulu Rail Transit is a transformational project for the island of Oahu.