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Integrated Communities 2
The future of our community depends on how willingly we embrace change, how carefully we plan and how thoughtfully we invest our time, energy and resources.


We live in an island state. Space and resources are limited. Our infrastructure continues to age. And people will continue to need homes as the population continues to increase. If we evolve in a way that is smart—with deliberate planning and investment—growth can lead to thriving integrated communities and a better quality of life for Hawaii residents.


At PRP, we’re taking an active role in shaping Hawaii’s future. The concept of integrated communities, also known as Transit-Oriented Development, is a successful idea that has been embraced around the world. Simply put, it’s building homes close to transit so people can spend less time commuting and more time enjoying life. Restaurants, schools and doctors are nearby or easy to get to. And instead of building houses on every mountain and in every open valley, homes are concentrated in core communities so the natural beauty of our rural areas can be enjoyed for generations.


The move toward integrated communities offers the dream of homeownership for local residents. Integrated communities also offer a range of living experiences and cost options, from single-family homes to apartment complexes. It turns money spent on gas into savings for bigger dreams, and hours wasted on the road into meaningful time with family and friends.


  • Creates transit-centered communities with homes people can afford
  • Replaces the need for cars with walkable communities
  • Reduces the need for suburban sprawl by optimizing already developed areas
We’re helping to keep the country, country.