By ensuring that contractors Play Fair in Hawaii, we protect residents statewide.

When unscrupulous contractors pay workers less than mandated by law, cheat on taxes or ignore quality and safety regulations, it puts the state’s workforce, Hawaii taxpayers and the general public unknowingly at risk.


Contractors who classify workers under lower categories cheat hard-working individuals out of their fair pay. This practice also takes good jobs away from experienced union journeymen. Dishonest contractors who evade paying taxes and health benefits shift the cost burden to their employees and the rest of us. Businesses and homeowners who assume they are hiring reputable, skilled workers often get less than they pay for with no recourse.


At PRP, we’re taking a stand by identifying these and other issues that negatively affect the building industry and informing the community about our concerns. We also work closely with government agencies to enforce laws and regulations.


  • Protects workers’ rights
  • Keeps taxpayers and project owners from being cheated
  • Promotes fair competition
We level the playing field by bringing attention to violations of Hawaii laws.