But first, you need a grand location. We can help you find the perfect contractor to build out your restaurant or retail space right, minimizing hassle and delays.

Opening up a new restaurant or retail store in Hawaii comes with its own unique challenges. We can help you find a contractor that will save you time, money and headaches turning your empty space into a business place. Here’s how:

Skip to the Front of the Permitting Line

We offer complimentary third-party permit review and expediting services.


The review process in Hawaii can take six months or more. You can move to the front of the line by hiring a third-party permit review and expediting service – or hire one of our member contractors and receive this service for free. That can cut the review process down to as little as two months.

A Trusted Track Record

Relationships matter. Especially here in Hawaii.


Familiarity with the local process and people involved in construction gives your project a head start. You want a contractor who’s built in Hawaii before, with a solid history of working with local sub-contractors and experience dealing with local building inspectors. PRP member contractors have years of experience, relationships and success in the Hawaii market.

Skilled Workmanship

With five years of schooling and on-the-job experience required to earn the title of ‘Journeyman,’ our workforce have been trained – the right way.


Do you need a contractor who’s built out dozens of restaurants? One that can deliver the right ambiance for your retail store? We can help you find reputable and reliable local contractors who will build your tenant space skillfully, so you can focus on your business.

Attention to Market Conditions

Proactive steps in a tight labor market help contractors put together accurate bids.


When Hawaii’s construction industry is hot, labor can get tight. Our member contractors have access to a trained and skilled workforce to ensure your project flows smoothly from beginning to end, without the costly disruption of workers not showing up for work.


If you’re building in the midst of a booming construction market:

  • Allow sufficient time between your solicitation and the bid due date – a minimum of 3 weeks recommended. That will help bring more interest to your project and more accurate bids from contractors.
  • Send solicitations to at least 5 contractors to ensure there will be a good range of options to choose from.

Prices that Reflect Value

As all retailers know, quality is worth the price. If a contractor’s bid comes in really low compared to the rest of the field, question it. Or be prepared for the change orders that may come rolling in.


Consider all the bids you receive and ensure you are comparing apples to apples.

  • What level of supervision will the contractor assign to your project?
  • What kind of experience building similar projects does the supervisor have?
  • Did the contractor properly review and estimate everything in the scope of your project?

A bid that is extremely low is probably missing something – and you’ll pay for it later.

Deep Discounts

Our Tenant Construction Program allows our member contractors to discount their bids to help you keep construction costs down.


We can help your project sign a top-notch contractor at a competitive price. With our special rates for retail and restaurant tenant improvement projects, our contractors can offer you a deep 46 percent discount off their carpentry and drywall labor rates. That adds up to $50,000 in savings, or more.


The Tenant Construction Program is offered at the following properties:

  • International Market Place, Waikiki
  • Ka Makana Alii, Kapolei

We’re here to help you succeed. Contact us at info@prp-hawaii.com or (808) 528-5557 and we’ll connect you with the right contractor for your project.