Governor Ige’s Seventh Supplementary Proclamation

Governor Ige’s Seventh Supplementary Proclamation

On May 5, 2020, Gov. Ige issued a Seventh Supplementary Proclamation Related to the COVID-19 Emergency. “Critical trades,” including “Building and Construction Tradesmen and Tradeswomen” continue to be identified as “Essential and Designated Businesses or Operations.”  See Paragraph III.A.10 on pages 6 and 7.  In addition, those workers who maintain continuity of operations in critical infrastructure sectors, consistent with the guidelines published by the Department of Homeland Security, CISA, dated April 17, 2020 and attached as “Exhibit B” to the Seventh Supplementary Proclamation, may continue to work consistent with state and county proclamations and orders.  Restrictions on interisland travel and self-quarantine requirements remain in place. See Paragraph IV.B.

The Seventh Supplementary Proclamation announces Phase 1 reopening of certain businesses starting May 7, 2020.  We encourage you to review the Governor’s proclamation here

Consult county resource links if you have questions or concerns regarding specific county orders and rules:


Maui County:

Hawaii County:

Kauai County:


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